Growth Media Strategy is a specialized web design company that designs, develops, and markets websites for lawyers and law firms. With the internet being the first place people look out for legal advice, having a professionally designed website is an absolute must to represent your law practice and services.

We don’t just build bespoke websites for lawyers and law firms that look great and function well— but we help push organic traffic to the website!

Whether you are a beginner or veteran in the law field or have a small or large, newly minted or established law firm, you need a professionally designed, well-organized, and search-engine-optimized website.

Unique Designs Create Unique Results

Its visual content, user experience, functionality and content can turn your visitors into clients. As one of Canada’s leading lawyer website design and marketing agencies, we can help your law practice attain and experience a best-in-class web presence.

With years of expertise and experience in building dozens of law practice websites, we know what it takes to make the most of your online presence. We understand websites developed using a one-size-fits-all approach won’t give you a competitive edge.

Our Concept is Simple

We build law firm website designs that are informational driven, requiring little functionality apart from a contact form— and some useful content management tools! With that said, Growth Marketing Strategy is here to assist you no matter how basic or complicated your website requirements may be!

Our Web Design Service Combines:

  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Customer-focused design approach
  • Comprehensive planning and competitor analysis
  • Result-driven, accountable design strategy and practices
  • Implementing strategic and marketing insights


Experience the Professional Difference

Let our design speak what words can’t! We make the web design process simple.

Building an interactive, intuitive and user-friendly website to give every prospect a seamless, uninterrupted experience, we work closely with attorneys and take a very collaborative tactic to ensure your brand identity shines through— which is a vital part of a successful website!

Creating a Memorable First Impression of your Law Service

Designing for the web isn’t only about making it attractive— it should be compelling and engaging! That’s why we are committed to delivering websites that are appealing and convincing too.

We Design Website Exclusively for Lawyers and Legal Firms

Responsive, User-Friendly Website: We design a user-friendly, responsive website to fit the screen of all sizes— whether your client is a laptop user, a tablet user, or a smartphone user— our lawyer website design fits and responds impeccably.

High User Interface Website: We use high-definition, outstanding graphics to draw clients’ attention. Our designs ensure high conversion rates and click-through rates as visitors are sure to come back again to the website.

Better Ranking on Search Engines: We deliver SEO-friendly websites making it easy for your clients to find you.

We’re More Than a Website Design Company

Website design is just the beginning of how we help lawyers and legal firms find new clients. As a full-service website design company, we know and understand the importance of a well-designed website to create confidence and trust in the prospects— as they will see many websites before deciding whom to do business with.

Once we deliver top-class, search-engine-optimized websites, we help them with marketing their services.

Our websites can even help lawyers who just opening their practice, and stand out from the crowd for a competitive edge! A professionally designed bespoke website with the right optimized functionality and content is key to early success.

“We believe in a winning combination of creative thinking, technical expertise, and discipline.”

Affordable Web Design Agency That Delivers Results

Our website design portrays our commitment and versatility. We build affordable tailored design solutions for lawyers and law firms to help your law practice gain a best-in-class web presence. Growth Media Strategy is flexible— and will work to complement your timeline and budget requirements.

If you are looking for a top lawyer website design company, look no further— you are at the right place!

Get a head start with Growth Media Strategy today!