Instagram Launch Checklist For Lawyers With Examples of Good Instagram Bios

Blog 06 Instagram Launch Checklist

Turn your new Instagram account for your law firm from a blank canvas into a work of digital marketing art. The steps to launching a new Instagram account are the same whether it belongs to you or your law firm. Having a complete list of everything you’ll need for a presentable account ensures that your account is ready to fulfill both your short-term social media goals and your long-term brand objectives.


Use this checklist to lay the groundwork for your Instagram profile. These things may seem apparent, but merely considering them before creating your account will save you time in the long run. 

  • Use a simple yet memorable username, i.e. Instagram handle

Select a username that is easy for your clients to remember and tag you. It should also be the one that accurately describes your law firm’s identity. Refrain from adopting long, complex names. Keep it simple, recognizable, and easy for people to remember and tag you. If the name you are eyeing isn’t available, consider a few available alternatives.

  • Upload a profile picture

The ideal size for the picture you choose is 180*180 pixels. If it contains text, such as your brand name, check to verify if it is readable on the app.

  • Pick a business email and add it to your Instagram account

Choose an email that is professional and easy to remember. Making an account for yourself or your firm is more straightforward, but if you’re working at an agency like us, make it short so that permissions and account access are smooth during the launch. 

  • Name your profile with your law firm’s name.

This part is frequently left blank in many profiles, but simply using your firm’s name is a perfect strategy. Take into account that your Instagram profile title is searchable if you’re a new firm trying to increase the visibility of your page. To boost profile interactions, views and impressions, consider including relevant keywords in the space below the profile.  

  • Create a detailed Instagram bio

While many well-known law firms use this section for famous quotes and slogans, newer law firms must be tactical with using these 150 characters. Use this section so potential clients can immediately know who you are, your area of expertise and what you offer. Use your bio’s final sentence as a call to action for the link you provide below in the link section.

  • Add a link to a website.

The place provided to display a link is an important place to post a handy link to your website or landing page. But before you put the link for any potential client to explore, ensure that your website or landing page has relevant content and CTAs.

  • To begin with, post at least six grid posts.

Your early grid posts will gradually fall to the bottom of your profile. These are essential to establish a solid foundation for your clients. Prevent launching your law firm on Instagram with an empty profile. When new users and visitors arrive, your page should appear well presented with 6–9 postings. 

  • Start a follower list.

It’s not just the posts and content you share with the audience that matters on Instagram. You should also engage with other profiles by following them to spread the word about your law firm. Make a list of profiles to follow after your account goes live based on your research and evaluation of your law practice areas and your target clients.

After you launch your firm’s Instagram account, it is time to get to the core of your profile: the content. We’re talking about the elements that will make or break your Instagram debut, such as images, descriptions, hashtag usage, and all that good stuff. We have all this ready for you in the form of editable templates.

You must maintain a consistent look using sample social media copies on ready-to-use graphic templates. Get started NOW! (Link to graphic templates and social media copy samples)

Check out some attractive bio samples of lawyers and law firms on Instagram-

  1. Insta_lawyers is a page on Instagram with the profile name “Lawyers of Instagram” and an open account that posts content about everyday adventures that lawyers encounter. They have mentioned an email for business inquiries. Their highlights are well-defined with specific categories like – Polls, Questions, and Legal Advice.
  2. The May Firm- note that the handle @themayfirm is the same as the firm’s name. They have mentioned their area of expertise as Personal Injury. They have a quote that describes their motto. Their highlights are practice Areas, Case Results, and Client Reviews.
  3. Divorce Done Differently is a legal service on Instagram. They have added a link to their book in the link section. Their username is the same as that of the firm name, and the name is self-explanatory. Their areas of expertise are mentioned clearly in the bio. The logo of their firm is the display picture. The highlights of this account mention their podcast.
  4. @Julietlaycoe is the personal Instagram account of a lawyer who is also an author. She mentions her area of expertise as “Divorce Wisdom” and how she helps with a divorce in the following sentence. She has shared a link to her resources and course in the link section. The Highlight section has different categories – Testimonials, Freebies and About Juliet. 
  5. @gt_law is international, multi-practice law with a prominent branding logo of the firm as a display picture. The bio mentions the count of lawyers onboard with well-defined categories in their highlights section.
  6. @kinnylegal is an account on Instagram that deals with laws related to disability healthcare organizations. The sentence written for what they do is worth reading, and they have mentioned a link for a free initial consultation. Their profile picture is professional and visually appealing. Their highlight section has two categories: Awards the firm has earned and Disclaimer.
  7. @mcg_legal has a professional display picture and is the same as their username. Their Instagram posts are relevant to their business.
  8. @dlappier is a global law firm that claims to make businesses better. The account focuses on showcasing the people in their firm and the law firm’s culture. They have gone all creative with their highlight section – showcasing all relevant categories that might intrigue potential clients to reach out to them.

Why are you waiting now that you have all the necessary resources to make a killer Instagram account, why are you waiting?

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