Marketing Lawyers

Strategies to Success— Marketing Your Law Firm

Marketing Your Law Firm

Marketing your law firm is a  crucial aspect of every business to acquire clients’ trust in today’s competitive market. You might be surprised to know nearly 96% of people search online law firms to seek legal advice. Out of this, around 57% of people search for lawyers online. The number shows how important it is to marketize services for law firms. However, unlike other businesses, marketing your law firm is not a cakewalk. 

Instead of showing expertise and pushing services on customers, you must draw their attention by showing values and information. Marketing your law firm is a skillful presentation of law services and how you can help overcome your clients’ problems instead of selling. Legal campaign strategies are a never-ending bond between your objectives and efforts. 

It’s all about marketing your law firm to the right audience, establishing a strong brand presence, setting clear marketing objectives, and promoting the services you offer. Without a successful marketing strategy, law firms cannot thrive in the online space.

Below, we’ll cover several marketing strategies that help in marketing your law firm online. Let’s dive in.

  1. Define Your Target Audience

Finding a targeted audience helps to set the base foundation for successful marketing. When marketing services in front of the right audience, chances of conversion are high. The best way to search targeted audiences is to understand customer personas. The persona includes several characteristics such as interests, pain points, demographic information, values, needs, and concerns.

But when it comes to marketing your law firms, pain points are the key consideration to executing a marketing plan. This helps to deliver the right marketing message to the relevant audience. 

To find a targeted audience, follow these things:

  • Leverage social media platforms.
  • Conduct surveys on social media channels to know about customers’ interests.
  • Create segments of customer personas to target a different audience.
  • Use Google Forum to research the targeted audience.
  1. Develop a Strong Brand Identity

Branding is a way to show your uniqueness and set you apart from other firms. The brand reflects your voice and helps you communicate with clients. When creating a successful marketing strategy for legal forms, you should focus on branding. Always start branding with a vision statement and objective. The statement should be crisp, short, and compelling. 

For instance, the firm values include the following:

  • Embrace law services diversity in all we can do.
  • The customer’s priority is our ultimate goal.
  • Building a positive culture of ethics, communication, expertise, and professionalism.
  • Holding a lawyers team with the highest standards.

Likewise, you can use several other vision statements and brand messaging in your branding. For instance, “Our law firm is proud to offer our clients unmatched solutions while prioritizing ethics, diversity, and inclusion.

With a vision statement, you can create a strong value proposition for marketing your law firm. The vision statement summarizes what you are, what you provide to clients, and why competitors lag. In addition to brand messaging, add some visual context in the form of typography, logo, and custom videos. Be clear about what you portray and how you define yourself. 

  1. Build a Professional Website

When you are all set with a strong brand voice and targeted audience, it’s peak time to provide a platform to land your audience. According to a report, nearly 74% of audiences click on the law firm’s website to take action. Build a professional website that is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and is mobile-friendly. This helps to build trust and show credibility to your visitors. 

Focus on a few things before you create a professional website for law firms, such as:

  • The website should be completely SEO optimized.
  • Choose a customized theme.
  • Improve loading speed.
  • The website design should be mobile-friendly.
  • The website must have testimonials, blogs, about us, and a home page.
  • A case study section should be included to show your client’s work.
  1. Invest in Marketing Your Law Firm

When marketing your law firm, content marketing is the way. Your audience needs information before they hire a lawyer. They hit Google to get the answer to queries. The audience wants someone who follows ethics, credibility, and transparency to share information. 


For instance, what document do I need to win a personal injury case? Provide them with high-quality to-point content. Give them an appropriate answer based on their query. 

The aim is to provide authentic information as much as possible. Start practicing the following things:

  • Create in-depth SEO-optimized content.
  • Start guest blogging on third-party websites.
  • Use the long form of articles.
  • Create social media posts.
  • Write newsletters.
  • Share case studies. 
  • Create educational visual content to post on social media.

Content not only helps to cater to the audience but also helps to rank your website on the top of the search engine result page. Keep in mind; to provide content based on audience queries. Focus on people also asked questions to answer the questions of the people. 

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  1. Leverage Social Media

Legal firms continue to thrive in the digital landscape. So, leveraging social media channels to reach the targeted audience is a must. If social media marketing is done correctly, it can be fruitful. 

The question is, which social media channel should you choose for law firm marketing? With millions of active followers, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent platforms. Legal firms have to remain active on these social media platforms. 

Here are a few tips that help to engage with the audience on social media platforms.

  • Set your marketing goals and decide whom you want to target.
  • Create a compelling social media strategy.
  • Create engaging short posts, long-form blogs, surveys, and polls.
  • Share info-graphics, videos, and photos to share valuable information with the audience.
  • Go live on Facebook to interact with the audience.
  • Use social media scheduler to share content timely.
  1. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertisement is an excellent way for law firms to gain maximum leads with little cost. The PPC campaign refers to the ads linked to the sites for organic growth. These ads run on various social media platforms and Google. Every time someone clicks on that paid advertisement, law firms have to pay a small fee. 

Generally, the PPC ads run on keywords strings or are sold according to keywords. You can bid on long-tail keywords according to your niche or budget. Finding the right competitive keywords is a daunting job. In that case, you can hire a law firm marketing strategist.

Once you find relevant keywords, start making catchy advertisement videos. Don’t forget to set your PPC ads budget and start measuring ROI.

  1. Network and Build Relationships

The network is the most crucial part of law firm marketing strategies. This helps to nurture strong relationships with targets. As a law firm, you must build strong connections with lawyers, professionals, and judges in your respective fields. You’ll gain insight into current trends and practices by building a great network. 

However, for lawyers, networking might be challenging. In such instances, you can practice the following things-

  • Participate in local events and organizations. 
  • Sponsor local events.
  • Use social media platforms to connect with top law firms.
  • Use referral sources to build connections. 
  • Offer rewards or freebies to your customers.
  • Share valuable content to catch their attention.
  1. Measure Your Marketing Success

You have set a killer law firm marketing strategy to achieve revenues. What’s next? Well, a journey doesn’t end here. To get desired outcomes from marketing your law firm strategies, you must measure marketing performance or track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Without measuring, you are unable to know if marketing is providing you with results or not.

The key metrics you need to track are:

  • Revenue per client 
  • Revenue growth
  • Client retention rate 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Profit margin
  • Traffic and leads
  • Bounce rates 

Some of the best tools that help to track key performance metrics are as follows:

  • Google Analytics: Good for complete website audit and KPIs measurement.
  • Social Analytics: Excellent for tracking social media channels’ presence.
  • SEMrush: For SEO audit and traffic analysis.

Once you collect valuable data from the analytic tools, you will be able to know where you are lacking and plan your marketing strategy wisely.

Marketing Your Law Firm to Succeed

Let’s recap! A law firm marketing strategy is of absolute necessity to grow your firm. This not only benefits in building a brand but also improves your presence online. You can reach potential clients appreciably by making a strong, actionable plan. Last, follow current trends and keep tracking KPIs for measurable outcomes.

If you’re still not sure why to take the pain of doing all this, you certainly need to read this- The Importance of Branding in Legal Marketing.