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6 Things to Avoid When Using Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media for law Firms

Have you ever shared a case study about a client’s case to get more clients but get trapped into legal action? It’s no secret that lawyer marketing for legal firms has no exception these days. Social media for law firms is a platform to attract clientele and build a brand reputation worldwide. However, many attorney firms face legal violations due to irrelevant posting on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Posting anything regarding the potential case on these public domain websites can leave you in trouble. According to the Competition Act, online marketing for lawyer’s promotion is allowed. But sharing misleading advertisements and false information on public domains is strictly prohibited. 

You should remember some ethical issues and rules as a lawyer while using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’re setting up a LinkedIn or Facebook page for the first time, note below things you shouldn’t do on social media platforms.

  • Never Display Confidential Information 

Whenever you’re recording any video for social media marketing for lawyers, be sure it has no confidential information. However, if you’re going to post some content, do some paperwork or use an opaque folder before posting. This helps to identify confidential information that you have used in your content.

Remember that the audience and other law firms spot mistakes first in social media posts instead of getting information. So, make a clear and concise post before it becomes a total disaster for you.

  • “Do Not Post Content “Because You Want To”

Posting is great for getting readers’ attention and client interaction. But what you post matters, especially when doing legal marketing for lawyers. Your posts will give your readers unique benefits and valuable information they do not get elsewhere. You should try to avoid posting about your life or previous cases that may be alleged as violation acts. Discussing legal cases online on social media for law firms is an odd practice. Don’t be surprised if your post can be used against you.

It would be great to repurpose genuine old content or articles with nice information. Lawyers are not immune to generic posts. If you want to post, turn off engagement or comments to avoid irrelevant comments.

  • Do Not Use Unlicensed Images or Art

Is there anything more sarcastic than an attorney breaking the lawyer advertising rules? Alright! Be extra careful when using images and other art forms for social media marketing. Check if the text image, photo, or video has licensing restrictions.

For instance, if you share any copyrighted image on your social media accounts, the image copyright holder is liable to file a case against you for using data without permission. Also, avoid sharing those images that don’t match the post tone. 

Do not just copy-paste any random image from a Google search. To protect yourself from legal actions, go to the “Google Image Page” and click on “Tools.” Tap “Usage Rights” and select the appropriate license type you need. Google will update the image search result to provide the image with a valid license. Alternatively, hire a law firm digital marketing agency for social media marketing to avoid such legal actions.

  • Avoid Comments on Sociopolitical Issues

Random individuals posting or commenting on hyper-politicized issues are liable for legal problems. The same applies to law firm marketing; if you remark, comment, or post any misinterpreted information about socio-political issues, you might get trapped in legal cases.

Even if you share any opinion or political belief on your social media account, clients having opposite views may hesitate to hire you. 

Social media for law firms is a way to build a reputation instead of getting trapped in legal matters. Therefore, the best option is to be strict with professionalism and avoid commenting on sociopolitical issues. Even if someone tags you in any post regarding socio-political matters, try not to interact or say no comment on such a post.

  • Avoid Making False Statements

A false statement can spoil your online reputation before blinking your eyes. As an attorney, you might be expected to be retrained and mindful. If you make such misstatements and exaggerated claims, automatically, you are unflattering your online image. Moreover, because of this, you may lose readers, or potential clients may think infinity to hire you. 

So, whenever you post something on social media, be sure it is 100% factual and has evidence of the statement. This helps save you from adding false information without facts and figures on your social media accounts. If you are still unsure about a false statement, get marketing services for lawyers who can help you do social media marketing appropriately.

  • A Big No to Offensive Users

The basic thumb rule of marketing on social media for law firms is to stop responding to offensive users. We understand their hateful comments may anger you, and you want to respond to them desperately. But those offensive statements can be used against you. It becomes a prime reason for falling reputation. 

However, you can respond to those users who want information and have queries from you regarding legal matters. This helps to boost your followers and trust between your clients. 

Final Thoughts: Harnessing Social Media for Law Firms Success

Hopefully, we’ve made it clear about don’ts about marketing on social media for law firms. Legal law firms always seem like high-order professionals who are not allowed to make silly mistakes. After all, legal violations and professionalism both matter. 

If an attorney breaks the rules of online marketing for lawyers, they have to face legal cases. Remember that social media marketing and management are both the right hands of the campaign for law firms. Therefore, avoid the above points to maintain a good reputation on social media. 

To keep your distance from legal issues, hire a law firm digital marketing agency that thoroughly understands the rules and regulations of social media marketing for law firms. 

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