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3-Step Social Media Marketing Program For Law Firms

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The term Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media to market a company’s or person’s business, i.e products or services to reach out and appeal to a wider audience, reshape consumer behavior and the way they perceive a brand, and create a lasting impression.

Presently, social media has more than 90% of millennials, 80% of generation X, and 40% of baby boomers, collectively 400 million users and Social Media Marketing gives them an equal opportunity to explore. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

An industry-acclaimed acronym for the entire process of Social Media Marketing- exclusively for lawyers is called the BAR method. Let’s dive deep to understand the nitty-gritty of this approach.

What Is The BAR Method?

The acronym BAR refers to three things. Here’s a dissection:


  • B stands for Brand Awareness, a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product or service by the name of the brand. It is instrumental to build a brand and online presence using social media platforms as a tool. Brand awareness campaigns are done to familiarize the general audience with a particular brand’s product and service and differentiate it from its competition.


  • A stands for Advertising Offer, which provides the opportunity to a larger audience beyond the possibility of normal marketing to present them with valuable and exciting offers. It is a type of strategy that develops brand recognition, and customer loyalty with the general audience to capture attention using branding traits including name, logo, packaging, pricing, etc., and establishes a positive identity in their minds.


  • R stands for Reminder Advertising or Retargeting, a strategy used after the initial series of advertisements to remind the audience again about a brand’s products and services till it gets registered in their mind for future purchases. It is a powerful and effective technique to retain the target audience using exciting offers and being in front of their eyes so they don’t forget the brand.


What Are The Benefits of BAR For A Law Firm?

As a lawyer, there is a huge legal community for you to explore and target. By using the BAR method, you can sync with your community, know more about them and their issues, offer help, build credibility, create a strong relationship, and ensure lead generation to grow your brand and business.

Here’s how exactly BAR can help:

  • Build Brand Presence

The first and core benefit of BAR is to build a robust brand presence and recognition for the customers/clients and be at the forefront. This is important since customers prefer to buy only from ‘known’ brands that they can relate to. If your name doesn’t pop up in their mind when they need your product, the deal is gone.

  • Convey Brand Story

Unlike traditional media, social media offers the opportunity to share a brand’s mission, vision and stories to make an impact using the brand’s identity and image. Conveying the story is important as it not only helps to let the customer know about you but also helps you to build a relationship with them.

  • Connect and Grow

Using powerful strategies, your brand can easily grow, form communities, and connect with your target audience. It not only helps the brand to identify the key issues of customers but also proves to be an effective way to directly communicate with them and solve their issues.

  • Gather User Data

Data is the digital fuel of the future. It is important to collect key insights and data about the target audience as it helps to touch the pain points of your customers. The same can be used to effectively improvise and grow the brand.

  • Generate Conversions

Ultimately, the end goal of every brand is to make sales and generate revenue. Hence, it is important to not only create communities, solve problems, and build a reputation but also turn them into leads for the business. This goes without saying, wanna bet?

How Can We Help?

We have been in the business for 10 years and have worked with countless clients around the world to help them enhance their online presence and build a reputation for themselves.

We have tons of proven methods to scale up businesses and provide tremendous positive results. Our strategies open the world of opportunities by helping businesses explore their target audience and generate leads in a short time.

Scope Of Social Media In Future

Social Media still holds untapped potential for law firms and businesses to grow and build communities. In 2021, we are just getting started when not even 10% of the internet population knows about the presence of law firms and businesses. In the future, as the number increases, it also opens new doors for firms and businesses to enjoy colossal presence and recognition.

Final Words

Remember, conventional marketing is the difference between you and your customers. Using the right set of strategies and campaigns on social media, you can unlock tons of opportunities in the ever-evolving market and see customers craving your assistance. In a nutshell, your services start selling like hotcakes. If you think it’s nothing, think again!

  • Better Engagement With Target Audience 

As a lawyer, your job is not just to win the case but also to foster a solid relationship with the audience. That’s why many lawyers use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to connect with trusted clients by showcasing their services, wins, and recent trends. However, to build the same engagement level with your target audience, you must follow current law firm trends and post relatable content regularly. 

  • B2B Networking 

Most businesses and law firms believe that their client comes from referral sources. It might be true, but if you use social media channels to connect with people, you have better chances of getting clients. Therefore, you can use these social media platforms to promote your services and show your expertise. This way, you can create an engagement level with the audience and strategically promote your services. In addition, you can conduct surveys to learn about audience queries and answer them to show you have the needed knowledge and experience. 

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking 

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook hold significant value in digitization. Like other businesses, law firms can also use these social media platforms to share vlogs, blogs, and website links to improve their search engine ranking. Moreover, you don’t need to search for clients; they’ll find you easily if you have a strong online presence. Also, ensure that the content you post on social media is in line with your website content. It should be relevant and must address your audience’s pain points. 

  • Increase Website Visitors 

Lawyers with a strong presence on social media are likely to receive more website visitors. Your social media followers get information about your services and current updates through your social media posts and blogs. Take advantage by sharing your post and blog links on social networking channels to prompt your audience and turn them to your website. You must post quality content regularly to catch the audience’s attention and cater to your existing audience to build a long-lasting relationship. 

  • Keep A Tab On What Your Audience Thinks About You

With a dedicated presence on social media, law firms can quickly understand their position in the market. In addition, instant feedback on the surveys on social media platforms can help understand the audience’s point of view about your services. You can use these platforms as a communication medium to know how your audience feels about your law firm and what kind of problems they are facing. Then, you can easily provide a solution and help them with your services based on collected data. Sounds like a relief, isn’t it?

What’s Next?

A smart and bold move is necessary to target the audience and get more sales in this digital era. The same strategy needs to be implemented in law firms also. Hence, it’s crucial to be active on social media and build a strong presence in front of your audience. Create authentic content on recent laws and trends to be followed in different subject areas and show how your audience can get benefit from your law firm’s services. 

Let’s Connect…

If you’re struggling to build a strong presence on social media platforms, allow us to help you through a quick consultation. Digital marketing for law firms can be a bold move to turn the tables. But, if you struggle to make that move, we can help you.

Give us a quick call, and let’s discuss this further.