Twitter For Lawyers: Checklist To Set Up Your Firm’s Twitter Account With Examples of Twitter Bio for Lawyers & Law firms

Blog 08 Twitter For Lawyers Checklist

The primary use of Twitter for everyday users is to post and read 140-character snippets of content that they find fascinating. Using creative hashtags has helped uprisings and social change initiatives— sometimes described as the “Twitter Revolution.”

Despite that, Twitter can contribute immensely to promoting your law firm as much as it can to plan a revolution. Twitter is an excellent platform for educating current and potential clients about the work you do for them. Besides this, it’s a simple way to get to know your clients and respond to their questions immediately after they have tweeted.

Keep posting 140 characters at least once or twice daily to promote your law firm.

Twitter Checklist to set up your law firm’s profile-

Just a few basics have to be in order when you start setting up your Twitter account.

  • Email address: Pick an operational email id that you’ll consistently check. The email ID you submit to Twitter could be used to send you essential information or notifications about your profile activity.
  • Username – List down a username (in this case, a Twitter handle) that you want to use for your account. Check the availability of your Twitter handles list and choose one suitable for your law firm. Your username is how other users discover and refer to you on Twitter. Make an effort to remain consistent with other social media profiles you may have created for your law firm, and be active on Twitter.
  • Bio / About Me – This is the basic info you should provide to introduce yourself or your law firm. For visitors to understand the goal of your profile, keep the content concise while remaining descriptive.
  • Profile Picture – During the account setup process, you can upload a photo to represent your law firm, a logo, your headshot, or even a photograph of your workspace. When selecting a profile picture, be original and professional. Although it is not mandatory,  use the same profile picture for all your social media accounts.
  • Website – If you have a website, remember to mention the URL so potential clients may discover it, visit it, and get in touch with you.


  • Get followers – The following screen will display choices for people, firms, and organizations to follow. You will receive “tweets” from any Twitter account you follow. If you are already familiar with your friends’ or clients’ Twitter handles, enter them in the search field under “find friends” and click “follow.” Twitter will proactively suggest accounts you would like to follow, including celebrities, firms, journals, and more! 

Here are a few examples of Twitter bios of law firms around Canada:

  • @lawyersdailyca- It is the Twitter handle of The Lawyer’s Daily, A Canadian legal news firm. Their bio is clear and precise about what they do and their focus. They have also mentioned the link to their website.
  • @thomsonrogers- It is the official Twitter account of The Thomson Rogers law firm. From their bio, it is evident that the firm is in Toronto. Their mentioned area of expertise is personal injury and other legal matters.
  • @cfmlawyers- This account has a beautiful cover photo with its motto on the cover banner. It makes the Twitter account look complete. They are based out of Vancouver & have mentioned four areas of their expertise. 
  • @TOPlawyersCDN- They have used capital letters in their username or Twitter handles to get a username that is the same as the name of their law firm. The focus of this account is to promote experienced Canadian Lawyers and their digital presence.

The best part is- No design experience is needed to make your Twitter cover photo. You can make that in minutes! Wanna know how?

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