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Ready-to-use Customizable Social Media Bio Templates For You and Your Law Firm

Blog 02 Ready to use Customizable Social Media Bio Templates

A winning chance to create an impact on your potential client lies in your social media bio. An engaging bio can influence a client’s decision to follow you and engage with your content. 

So, fill out your social media bios with relevant information. Bios for social media are SEO-optimized, meaning that the keywords you use in your bio can aid in discovering your account through both broad online search engines and in-app searches.

Instagram bios should be 150 characters.

As a law firm, you should urge potential clients to take action. It can be clicking on the link in your bio, looking at your website, going to your law firm’s physical location, or following your account.

Template 1: 

(What area of law practice are you known for)

(Something unique about you)

(Affiliated accounts of your law firm)

Template 2: 

(Use emojis)

(Your interests/area of practice)

💼 (Details about your law firm)

📍 (Location)

💌 (Contact info)

Template 3: 

✈ (Reasons to follow you)

⬖ (Your areas of Law practice)

✉︎ (Contact info like email and number)

↓ (CTA) and (Link)

Twitter bios can be 160 characters long.

Twitter is essentially a dialogue network, and your Twitter bio is a perfect opportunity to introduce a little of your law firm’s brand tone or exhibit your personality. Like the beginning of a TV series – you want to pique interest in your bio so they will watch the rest of your account activities.

Template 1:

Your role in the current law firm | Previous law firms you worked for | Notable cases or cases won | CTA or hashtags relevant to your law firm

Template 2: 

Tagline + Brand hashtag

(Law firm’s tagline and relevant hashtag(s))

Template 3: 

Client support

(Brand mission and tagline)

Need support? Go to [Link to your landing page or website].

For Facebook profiles, the character limit is 255 characters. 

Template 1: 


(Law firm’s mission and tagline) | (Law firm’s mission and history) | (Facebook community guidelines)

Template 2: 

Why follow us?

(Brand tagline) | (What content to expect) | (How followers will benefit from your content)

For LinkedIn profiles, 2,600 characters are allowed.

The bio for personal branding and business profiles are generally the same across most social media sites. But for LinkedIn, the bio section is different.

Clients will see your narrative; a strong one can determine whether they will read the rest of your profile. Use “I” to address in the first person. Use a conversational tone to make it more engaging. Draw out your outstanding qualities, such as sought-after abilities, exceptional cases, and the number of points won.

Template 1:

Hi there, I’m (current job as a lawyer) and (one-liner with what’s most likely to interest your clients about your law practice).

In my (x) years working in the legal industry/role, I’ve become an expert in (area 1, area 2, area 3).

My best accomplishments are (example with case 1), (model with trial 2), and (standard with case 3). 

The skills that have benefited my clients in the past are (skill 1), (skill 2), and (skill 3).

If I can help you in any way, feel free to (CTA and contact info).

Template 2: 

Hi, I’m (name). I’m a lawyer based out of (place). 

I practice (areas of law practice and how you help your clients). 

Don’t take my word for it – (add client testimony), ( number of cases solved and number of trials won). 

Learn more about me and my law firm (website link). 

The services I offer are (1, 2, and 3)

Here are how you can contact me- (email or telephone number) and (links to other social media accounts)

Template 3:

(Start with the law firm’s overview and details about the culture)

(What your law firm does)

A summary of your services)

(The pain points that you solve for your clients)

(Your law firm’s history and background)

(Your firm’s core values and how other clients appreciate them

(CTA + Website link)

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have these ready-to-use templates, it’s time to gear up your social media game. 

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